When the sunset is a painted sky

So yesterday i decided to chase the sunset at the end of the day…only to find not much going on due to cloudy condition and obscured sun..disappointing rather it is or was, so decided to head on back home as the sun was already disappearing into the west. On travelling home a block away from where i stay i looked into the side mirror and saw the sky had somewhat dramatically changed – it had transpired into a sky beautifully painted by the Angels of Heaven. Now time is running out fast and driving in a built up area, our suburb, Cambridge in East London one has to think where the best view will be in the dying moments of the day, that is being dusk. Only one place is thus available for me to possibly capture something in the closing of the day – down to a mini golf course – we call mashie golf – and one can only but count ones blessing in seeing a sky of such magnitude before you. Many times we find ourselves caught up in our own little cacoon busy with our daily chores maybe that we dont take the time out to at least stop, take a walk outside and look into the sky – most of us are guilty of being caught up in this way. So to be blessed with such a moment at the end of the day is fulfilling in its own right for these are the special moments that make us look forward to the next one – it will never be the same “picture” but will always be something new and exciting to look forward to…Magical Moments that forever inspire us to want more of the same…lets see what today’s sunset will deliver.


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