I am Mike Geyer, I am Inspired by Life

A young, blessed and energetic 56 year old from East London in South Africa. Three years ago after being given a second chance in life, I discovered that i have an eye for taking pics of beautiful things, landscapes, nature, wildlife, and much more.

28 months ago i fell in love with Instagram and decided that this was the social media platform that i was going to share my inspiration and love for the appreciation of life itself through photos and messages of inspiration attached. As huge as the world might appear to be as close as Instagram brings us closer to one another.  Photos certainly have the ability to inspire us, to bring out the creative flair within us.  Currently i have 100k followers around the world on Instagram.  Every new day one wakes up is a new beginning, a chance to do something different, to inspire, to appreciate who we have in life and what we have. 

I share my Photos with a message of Inspiration

I post my pics regularly on Instagram and Share it to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I try to be unique in what i do and speak from the heart and soul through my pics:

  • In life i don't see problems, only solutions, life is what one makes of it, no matter how much you have you will always have everything in the "life" you have been blessed with.

  • I try to keep my photos and message captivating, so that you keep coming back for more - "Life is and Inspiration".

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